Passionate insight gives way to a single truth,an idea so distilled,
so perfect that no lower common denominator can be reached.
From this mighty flux, we craft and temper the future tools of innovation.
We are in the business of catching lightning in a bottle.
We are Brevity and we Engineer Creative.

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Brand Discovery and Strategy

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  • Strategy: What good is a winning idea without a plan to succeed? In discovering what your brand is all about, we are able to set measurable goals and execute plans to accomplish them.
  • Messaging: By distilling down the essence of your company we can craft your brand's voice and accurately communicate it with your target audience.
  • Design: After your message has been established, we give it life by incorporating it into online and offline mediums. This includes point of sale items, mailers, websites, multimedia, videos and more.
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Online & Offline Creative

Harmony. These seemingly juxtaposed worlds do co-exist. We offer services such as corporate identity development, logotype design and collateral marketing pieces just to name a few. Then, we apply those same principals to websites, web apps and more!

Website and App Development

Brevity - Coding Capabilities
<title>Brevity - Coding Capabilities</title>
<h1>Our top priority is creating clean and organized projects with the smallest amount of code. </h1> 
<article><p> There are a lot of cool new tricks and hot new javascript plugins that will have your site flashing and spinning 'til the cows come home'. But is that what your site needs to communicate clearly to a core audience, probably not. We design and build our sites to solve unique problems and create impactful experiences. That being said we don't believe in adding technology for the sake of technology, we want to keep your site lean and mean to perform at a higher level and achieve your specific goals. .</p> </article>
<h2>Here is a list of coding languages in which we are fluent.</h2>
<li>HTML5/CSS3 - <em>Html and css are browser side languages used to display content.</em></li>
<li>Javascipt - <script>$(document).ready(function(){ Javascript is a browser side language that adds behavioral functions to html and css. });</script></li>
<li>PHP - <?php echo “Php is server side language that connects websites with databases.” ?></li>
<li>Wordpress - Wordpress isn't a language but if it were, it would be our native tongue.</li>
<footer><a href=””>Contact us</a> for more development info.</footer>
  • Wordpress® CMS Platform: We happily develop on the powerful Wordpress® CMS platform giving our clients the flexibility to take control of their online presence. We code custom themes engineered for usability.
  • Responsive Frameworks: Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred method for surfing the net. We ensure a rich user experience thanks to custom made mobile-responsive goodness baked right into our themes.
  • Application Development: Is there an app for that? Through mobile-app development and web-app development, we will figure out the best way to leverage your idea.
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Hosting & Support Service

The best hosting plan is the one that you don't ever think about. Like silent guardians, our plans offer peace of mind and security with competitive solutions for today's online businesses. 99.99% guaranteed uptime, blazing fast download speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and anti-hacking firewalls are just some of the benefits we boast. Contact us for more details.

Multimedia & Video

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  • Photography: We offer full photography services in or out of the studio. On site? No problem. The assets we capture are unique to your business and will be utilized in countless future designs and marketing.
  • Video: Have camera, will travel! What speaks to your target audience more than you?! Let's create a biography video or supplemental multi-media elements for your online strategies.
  • Production: Things don't quit rolling when the lights go down. That's just the beginning for our post production house. Adding that extra flare to your videos or multi-media projects is what we are all about.

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