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A successful content strategy creates a consistent online brand for your audience, across all platforms. Our web projects are developed on the WordPress content management system, which makes updating content online as easy as making a Facebook update or posting a tweet. And it just so happens that social media can be a great place to reuse and re-purpose content from a website, or vice-versa.


WordPress is an open-source platform that radically evolved from a common blogging platform to the most prominent and user friendly CMS (content management system) on the web. Brevity builds on this platform, with a proprietary codebase, to ensure a simple content management experience, whether our clients or internal team are handling content updates.

Our intention is to produce websites that our client can effortlessly manage without any assistance. However, campaigns evolve and new objectives require new solutions. That’s why we help many of our clients with content development as well. Businesses are never stagnant and a brand’s website needs to respond to those changes.

A great example of web content that sets a brand apart in almost any industry is custom video & photography. Using brand photography to support web and marketing content in an ongoing manner can really add a level of seriousness to an already-solid content strategy. Pairing custom photos with blog posts, marketing landing pages, and social media messages, lets a brand’s audience see the authenticity and value of a product or service.


We develop custom brand-centric websites on the Wordpress CMS for a simple content management experience.


Writing words and organizing content is a full-time job. Most of our clients don't have the time or resources to write copy for their site. And they don't have to.


Custom photography and video are key to beautiful design, as well as a fantastic supplement to a solid content strategy.


Building on WordPress makes it easy to update pages, images, products, and more. We're either handling this for our clients, or a phone call away with any answers needed.

"Content development has to start at the beginning of a project. Start on it immediately. That way we have the right words, the right photos, and the right video assets. Great pre-poduction leads to amazing post-production."


Content development is a key part to a website project. Curating the right content is one of the biggest difficulties that our clients have. Our content strategy process, mixed with a simple-to-use content management system provides a solid base for the award-winning projects that we produce. After a website launch, it can be simple to hand over the content management and site updates to a member of our client’s team, or continue to maintain this on our end, depending on the needs of a project.

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