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The mark of a brand needs to communicate the right emotions to the right audience, while maintaining a timelessness, living in the appropriate market, and communicating individuality. A logo hardly ever lives on a blank piece of paper. Our identity process takes a step back from designing just a logo, and instead considers all aspects of the brand identity.


Innovation occurs at market intersections, and we bring together a depth and breadth of experiences in having worked with a variety of brands at many development stages. This lets us bring a perspective from another relevant market into a branding project for a seemingly unrelated client. For example, the identity for a non-profit organization can stand to be inspired by the logo, applications, and tone of a startup, restaurant, or information security organization, and vice-versa of course.

Our discovery process gets to the core of a business or organization and allows the Brevity team, and our clients alike, to better understand the needs of the project and make smart decisions to move forward. This step in our process is about education, and building a strong relationship with the entire project team, ensuring communication and creative ideas are as powerful as they can be.

By the time identity applications are created, we have produced something with our clients that the whole team is very happy with, often resulting in a moment of clarity that makes everything come together.


Learning about a brand and industry is the most important step to producing a successful visual and verbal language.


Not every concept makes the cut, but each one leads to a bigger and better final product.


Tightening things up is where the visual aspect of a brand identity comes to life.


Now that we can see what it looks like, let's find out what it feels like. We love wearing and holding things that we've made with our clients.

"A brand identity is not just a logo or a piece of paper. The identity is everything that makes up a brand. The way someone feels when they see, hear, or touch something for the first time, and every time after that."


Developing new brands and refreshing established organizations is at the core of Brevity. Our brand identity process has proven to clarify the voice and visual for brands of many sizes. It doesn’t end with a logo or a business card. We work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of their brand are consistent and clear. By producing style guides and advanced applications like apparel, signage, packaging, or just about anything that can be dreamed up, we help our clients hit their market with the best possible foot forward, with a partner by their side.

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