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Websites are the digital face of your company. They must enhance your credibility with visuals and features while fulfilling measurable objectives. Most of our projects are developed with the WordPress content management system to quickly strike that balance of performance and spectacle in relation to your brand. WordPress sites on their own are outstandingly SEO friendly, and can be made all the more with proper plugins and execution.


All of our web projects are built on a strategy created to determine the goals of the site, target a specific audience, define the brand message and develop a unique way to deliver that message to the audience in order to convert on the goals. We use the information acquired from the discovery phase of our process to identify the business objectives for the website and develop measurable goals to gauge its success.

The needs and features of a site outlined in the discovery process are paired against the goals of the site and we begin to create an inventory of required assets to execute on those features. Once we have isolated the target audience we begin to think about user behavior patterns and what types of user interface features would curve that behavior to convert on the website goals.

Often, our project goals are made up of a mixture of user interface, content strategy, and SEO. The content on a site must be relevant and appealing to the audience. Facts and features about your product, service or industry aren’t always enough. Audiences need to be able to relate to brands and products. A solid content strategy includes a unique story about a customer’s journey and how the brand can help. It can be easy to focus on keywords and call-to-actions based on an SEO strategy, but once someone lands on a site, it is extremely important that they continue to be captivated and find what they are looking for.


Establishing goals and site features is an integral part of our development process.


Words. This seemingly small detail is the linchpin of a successful web project. Who are we talking to? How many pages are there?...


The best way to make quick adjustments to an interface is by producing wire frames and prototypes with real content.


Once the ground work has been laid, images, textures, and brand essence come together to produce a flawless online visual experience.


This step might be what sets us apart the most. We take care to produce clean and secure code, making content management simple.

"Hone in on your brand. What are you trying to do or say? Then turn that into a unique experience that a wide audience can have online."


A successful web project provides our clients with a responsive online experience in which their brand lives and communicates to audiences using desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. However, our relationship doesn’t end once the launch date has passed. Whether we are working together to produce updated content or training our clients to manage updates on their own, Brevity is around with hosting and support, keeping the online experience working the way it should.

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