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Brevity offers a number hosting options that come with a dedicated IP address, managed WordPress updates, WordPress security monitoring, built-in caching for better performance, daily automated backups, 99.9% uptime and monthly service time included. We continuously monitor your site for hackers and malware. In the unlikely event you do get hacked, we will fix it for you, for free. Hosting prices are subject to site traffic and bandwidth usage.


Updating your site on a regular basis can be a real hassle, and if you don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress or web development you can really make a mess if you’re not careful. Brevity’s hosting and support packages offer regularly scheduled WordPress and plugin updates to keep your code base current. All core WordPress files and plugins can also be updated at anytime, upon request.

We offer a number of additional features with our premium hosting services. If you have a large amount of media assets, we can help you optimize the load time of your site with a CDN (content delivery network). If you have an eCommerce site or just need extra security, we will install and maintain an SSL certification. Our multi-site platform allows you to manage two or mores sites from one WordPress installation and one monthly hosting fee.


The first step in solving website problems is not having them at all. We build on a solid codebase, with little to no third-party plugins to ensure the cleanest, hack-proofinest website.


It's true. We are actually people. This is one of them. His name is Ryan. And everyone here knows the answer to your question, or can find that answer within minutes.


Worst-case scenario. And this doesn't happen very often. We've got a version of your site from yesterday that we can revert back to while we figure out if there is a larger issue to manage.

"Seriously. Whether you call me at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, or 11 p.m. on a Sunday because you're running into an issue with your site, I will sit there and talk through the issue or teach you how to accomplish what you're trying to do. I will do that. Seriously. If you need to, test it out. 1 (636) 575-2102."


Our ongoing technical support will give you direct access to our WordPress technicians who, in turn, can answer any questions you may have about how or where to enter and manage your content, restore backups or request development support for site updates. Uploading and embedding new media files can be a bit daunting at first. With a little help for our tech team you’ll be a pro in no time. All of this allows you to worry about other things like growing your business, achieving your full professional potential, or… dare we say: spending time with friends and family.

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